Latest Update: 29.02.2024

Virtual Inspection Procedure

Customers have to provide evidence if the items have been deemed spoiled, or damaged upon delivery using photographic media platforms, with contacting our customer support number +962799040780.

Customers need to check their products on the time of receiving, After-on, we are not responsible if the product has been discovered as spoiled, damaged, or unfit for consumption.

Since we hold our product quality standards highly, we ask you to contact us immediately in-case any un-usual event occurs, for your safety & others.

Refund & Returns policy

We Can only accept Product exchanges or Refunds if the items were deemed spoiled, or damaged.

  1. Customers must contact our customer support number +962799040780, Or send us an Email at immediately upon products pickup, right after, the Virtual product inspection procedure, Delivery will be planned with no extra fees.
  2. Refunds will be processed in 2-3 Business days.
  3. Communication with our customer service should be immediate with no exceptions.

Please note our products are all inspected before delivery by our Product Quality department here in Abdo.

Product Exchange

If a product has been confirmed for exchange, the same flavor, brand, and type will be issued.

Delivery returns

Since the customer satisfaction is our goal, we offer to pickup the products back from the point of delivery, after confirming the product exchange.

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